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Consider OTA that friend sitting across the table with a glass of vino, your favorite running or walking partner, the co-worker who gets you through #justabouteverything,  or the bestie you call or text 12 times a day. OTA is your grandma, mom, aunt, sister, niece. OTA is the random stranger who spares a square in the stall next to you, or the nice waitress who tells you to check your teeth while your date is in the bathroom.

OTA is your online bestie - whispering straight talk in your ear.

Join me as I dive deep into relationships, health, wellness, career, travel, and anything else that seems Agenda Worthy.

Got something for the Agenda? Tell me, and I’ll find a way to get it OTA. And then share it with your pals, because let’s face it... the best advice, tips, and inspiration come from women sharing with each other.


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