Let's stop for a minute and think about life.

 It's crazy, right?  

Families, relationships, jobs, friends, health, finances…we've got a lot on our plates and on our minds.

We happen to be expert worriers. Head spinners. Planners and what-if'ers to a fault. 

With this constant flurry of thoughts,the bottom line is...

women need each other

(Because sometimes guys just don't get it.)

 On the Agenda is a work in progress,  just like we are.

It's a hub for all things girl talk.  All things "I'm having a meltdown and I need to know I'm not going crazy." 

The things you'd tell your best girlfriend are the things you just might find here.

OTA is a place to go to feel the love from others like you. (There will be, I promise)…A podcast. A blog. 






Let's talk about it all. 

On the Agenda is the place where you realize that you are not alone. 

If it's on your mind, let's get it On the Agenda.

OTA all the way, baby.