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Thanks for stopping by! I'm an author, runner, golfer, yogini, and traveler who loves to write about life. I created this site for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a place to share things I'd talk about if I were out with my friends - work, relationships, family, food, travel, Netflix, etc.

Second, I want to find out what’s on your agenda. Do you have something you’d like to share, or know more about? Let me know!

Third, I want to share details about cool products that I encounter (Agenda Worthy). I also want to share stories of incredible women (Agenda Worthy Women), and places (Agenda Worthy Travel).

Finally, I love writing and am always looking for new projects. I’d love to help you share your stories too. If you like what you see here and think I might be able to help you spread your message, let’s connect. I’d love to help bring your ideas to life. I’m game for any size writing project. If it’s on your agenda, I’d love to put it on mine! 






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