Let's stop for a minute and think about life. And maybe ponder how crazy it can be. Families, relationships, jobs, friends, health, finances…we've got a lot on our plates, and on our minds. We happen to be expert worriers. Head spinners.  Planners and what-if'ers to a fault.  With this constant flurry of thoughts,the bottom line is... women need each other

(Because sometimes guys just don't get it.)

 OTA (On the Agenda) is a work in progress,  just like we are. 

It's a hub for all things girl talk.  

All things "I'm having a meltdown, please tell me I'm not crazy." 

The things you'd tell your best friend are the things you just might find here.

OTA is a place to go to feel the love from others like you.

(There will be, I promise)…A podcast. A blog. 






OTA is the place where you realize that you are not alone. 


If it's on your mind, let's get it On the Agenda.