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When I love someone or something, I become its biggest advocate. I will shout from the mountain tops… “OMG, I LOVE Nature’s Path Sunflower Seed Butter or Good Day Sleep Chocolates or piña coladas and getting caught in the rain” or “YOU MUST WATCH (The OA or Dead to Me or…)on Netflix.” (Notice how I couldn’t even leave it at a random example and had to add specifics?) I’m very generous when it comes to spreading the word.

I’ll share tips on random things (plant based eating, shoe deals, travel tips, shopping strategies with anyone, anywhere… in a doctor’s office when I’m a patient, in the middle of a biopsy procedure (hello, perfectly normal place to talk Orange Theory Fitness, right?), or at the end of an interview (you see, if you hire me you get a good worker AND a clever tipster).

Bottom line, if something impresses me in any way, I want to share this news with others.

Enter OTA. Finally, I have a place to showcase all of the things that excite me. So please stop back often… for tidbits on travel, body/mind/spirit stuff (the practical and the “woo-woo”), relationship thoughts and tips, stories about people making a difference, and ways you can make a difference too.

OTA is place for fun facts and fun.

Got something for the Agenda? Tell me, and I’ll find a way to get it OTA. And then share it with your pals, because let’s face it... the best advice, tips, and inspiration come from the people we know and trust. Looking forward to getting to know you! :)


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