Sweet Dreams in 2019

One of my intentions for the New Year is to get more Z’s and more quality Z’s at that. As I was Christmas shopping, I saw and heard about all sorts of products I wanted to try, some of them which fell in the sleep arena. Check out what I discovered below.

  1. Buffy.co comforter. Now, I didn’t actually see this in person, I heard about it on a podcast. No, make that many podcasts, but I heard it first on my fav One Part Podcast. What’s so special about this comforter? Well, I’ve heard it’s softer than a cloud. Plus, it’s very eco-friendly - the fill is made from an eco-fiber spun from reclaimed PET bottles. The fiber is airblown and layered to reach cloud-like volume, making the texture uniquely soft. Sounds delightful, no?

  2. Weighted blanket. There are a lot of varieties out there (here’s one), but the concept is the same. According to Business Insider, these blankets deliver constant and evenly distributed pressure to calm and relax the sleeper. It’s even been shown that these blankets can help those with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, high anxiety, or insomnia. As a restless sleeper who is always freezing, this concept just sounds cozy and effective.

  3. Even if you’re cozy, how can you really sleep at night without washing your face properly, right? If you’re like me, you wash your face with a washcloth (duh). Until I listened to the Sheri & Nancy Show, I’d been using white washcloths, leaving many of them ruined thanks to mascara and makeup. Well, these gals (Sheri specifically) clued me in on a secret - hello, use dark washcloths. Sheri prefers grey, but any dark color will do. She even creates special washcloths that are embroidered to say “makeup” so that when you leave towels out for guests, they don’t have to freak out about getting your washcloths dirty with makeup. An embroidered washcloth is like a permission slip - “okay to get this one dirty.”

  4. Speaking of guests, Sheri & Nancy also talked about “signature supplies” to outfit guest rooms and make guests feel comfy. Since we don’t have an official guest room in our cozy 2 bedroom abode, I’m applying her principals to our room. Sheri’s guest supply kit includes: robes, water bottles, maybe some chocolates, and finally, crisp white sheets. In fact, here’s another idea. Only buy white sheets. For every bed in your house. This way, it’s easy to grab clean pillow cases or sheets, no matter what bed you’re making. Another tip? Ditch the top sheet, and simply use the (also white) comforter in place of your top sheet. It makes sleep less tangled, and more cozy. (Which leads back to #1… Buffy, which as of press time I have officially purchased. Stay tuned for a review!)

  5. Finally, where would I be without a shoutout to my good friend Yoga Nidra. When I absolutely can’t sleep, I grab my phone and headphones, and hit Youtube for a sleep meditation. It’s good to maybe check out the videos ahead of time, because some of the narrators of the meditations can be annoying, and even creepy. It’s a personal preference. I like this one, but there are many, many meditations available.

What are your secrets for a good night’s sleep? Leave comments below!

Wishing you all a peaceful, productive 2019 nourished by many nights of good Z’s!

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