Agenda Worthy Morning Routine

There’s a lot of chatter lately about the importance of creating a morning routine. I’ve heard many “picture perfect” morning routines… meditating in bed for 10 minutes, followed by hot lemon water, then some gentle stretching and yoga, maybe an hour of personal development reading… or some version of that. These all sound great, right? But, do they also (kind of) make you want to punch the person in the face who is telling you about their routines? No worries, I feel you.

Believe me, I’d love to do the above, and sometimes even attempt the lemon water bit. But even then, the truth is, I’ll buy lemons, forget about them, and they end up spoiled in my fridge, never having seen the (morning routine) light of day. Inevitably, my lemon routine ends with my husband opening the fridge one day to my pathetic lemons and says, “Why do you always buy lemons but never use them?”

Great question.

So I’m not that good on the lemon water thing. Or the gentle yoga… because I actually have to be somewhere in the morning.

However, I respect the notion of a routine, and found one that works for me most days. Other days, I get up late and run around like a lunatic… swearing like a sailor and barely making it out of the house on time.

But I’m going to pretend that my routine is magical and I follow it every day. :) Give it a read, and maybe some of the things I do could work for you as well. Maybe not. Either way, here’s a peek at how my mornings go down.*

The runner pictured isn’t me, but this pic is why running in the a.m. can be pretty awesome.

The runner pictured isn’t me, but this pic is why running in the a.m. can be pretty awesome.

Abbey’s “On a Good Day” Ideal Routine:

4:22 My alarm goes off. Yes, 4:22, and yes, I do get enough sleep (bed at 9:15/9:30). I do this because my work day starts at @7:00 and I like to work out in the morning. So, at 4:22, I hit the snooze button once. Then, I get up at 4:28. (Ask my husband or my roommate from college about me liking the snooze feature.)

4:32 Morning Spark. This is the magic vitamin water I drink before work outs, or anytime I need a good kick. It is delightful and comes in a variety of flavors. (I like pink lemonade and grape.)

4:40 Tongue Scraping. Say what? As a lifetime fanatical tooth brusher, I’m always looking for ways to make my mouth cleaner and happier. So, when I heard a podcast talking about how much crap lives on our tongues (ugh, it’s pretty disgusting), I knew I had to investigate tongue scraping. I chose a copper tongue scraper, as advised by Ayurvedic practitioners for copper’s antimicrobial germ fighting properties. You can also find tongue scrapers at Thrive Market, health food stores, and other places you’d go for all things wellness.

5:00- 5:55. Orange Theory Fitness or go for a run. I love Orange Theory - it combines cardio (running and rowing) with coach - guided floor work using weights, ab rollers, and strength exercises. Let’s just say it wakes me up.

5:57 Starbucks or Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. I’m slowly trying to get off regular coffee and into coffees that offer more than just a caffeine buzz. Why mushrooms? And are they legal? Yes. Turns out this tasty blend includes chaga and lion’s mane to “support productivity, focus, and creativity.” I found this to be true, plus the caffeine punch doesn’t give me the jitters like coffee sometimes does.

6:05. Dry brush. As in, brush your body before jumping in shower. If you’re like #huh?, check out this article to read about the many benefits of dry brushing which include skin exfoliation, stimulating your lymphatic system, and helping with digestion. I have this one, but after some research I now am considering getting this awesome package for even more brushing.

6:10 - 6:30 Shower, get ready, etc. When buying cleansing products, I like to keep them as natural as possible. Plus I like to buy things that help with anti-aging. Because, well, whatever helps, right? Body soap is always “Everyone Soap” - an all-natural product free of parabens and other crap you don’t want to put on your body. I love the Coconut plus Lemon scent. Plus, it doubles as a shampoo if you want to really streamline. Speaking of shampoo, I’m an Aveda gal. These products just work best with my fine hair (that I’ve been attempting to grow out since third grade). I like their smoothing shampoo and conditioner best. Order on Amazon, or buy at the salon, and be sure to join Aveda’s Reward Program so you can work toward cool perks each time you buy product. Finally, Andalou products are what I use for cleansing and moisturizing my face. I have super-sensitive skin, so I tried their products in this handy trial. Andalou is also available at Whole Foods and other organic stores.

6:30- infinity. Get dressed. (This is a never ending struggle.) If I haven’t picked out an outfit the night before (so, pretty much like every day), I have a meltdown at this time and contemplate calling in sick for lack of an outfit. I cry out things like, “I hate my clothes/my wardrobe sucks/ I don’t have anything to wear” until I settle on something, then head downstairs to throw my smoothie together. This I do try to prep the night before, when I combine a mix of Vega One, Maca and Cacao Powder, and maybe a bit of collagen powder. I quickly add this mixture to my VitaMix (bought years ago and so worth the investment) and add frozen kale, a few blueberries, and water and coconut milk. Well-la… breakfast is served and I’m out the door by 6:42.

And there you have it… my ideal morning scenario. Maybe I’ll post this morning routine’s evil twin #morningsh*tshow sometime so you can see what the off days look like. :)

What does your morning look like? Any tips on how to make the day go smoother? Leave your ideas in comments! And, hope your day is great no matter how it begins!

What does your morning look like? Any tips on how to make the day go smoother? Leave your ideas in comments! And, hope your day is great no matter how it begins!

*Note that I’ve offered some links and suggestions to where products can be purchased. I want to disclose that the Amazon links are associated with an Amazon Affiliate account, and I’m a rep for Advocare/Spark products. I’ll also tell you stores where these products are available. My philosophy on purchasing anything… convenience and best price. So, do what works for you!

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