Agenda Worthy Online Shopping

As we all know, there’s an entire GALAXY of online possibilities when it comes to shopping from the comfort of your home.  Or the waiting room. Or the airport. Or wherever else you find yourself with a few minutes, your phone, and a list of things to do or buy. That said, I’ve created a quick “go-to” list of places I hit when I need food, a gift, shoes, or wardrobe refresh. 

1. Grocery shopping made easy.  If you like organic, gluten-free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, healthy foods, and don’t have the time or desire to pay big bucks to get them, you’ll want to check out Thrive Market.  Thrive Market is basically an online Cost-co on gluten free steroids. :) Here you can find anything you need to cook, snack, clean, and live in an organic, healthy, chemical-free way.  The best part is, all products are a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay in a store, and they are delivered to your door at the click of a button. 

2. Need a unique gift and want to give an artist some props? ETSY! Anytime I’m like, “what do I get so-and-so for a gift,” I head over to Etsy, and I’m amazed at the possibilities. Earrings, wallets, purses, home decor, gloves... you name it, you can find a gift. While you’re there, why not take a look at everything else- it’s truly mind blowing.  Crafts, clothing, shoes, wallpaper (!), gifts for a bridal party... there’s not much you won’t find here!

3. In the market for new business cards? You’re going to have to travel to the other side of the pond for this one- head over to MOO. It’s based in England and offers affordable and EXTREMELY cool business cards in unique sizes, shapes, and designs.  Give the boring standard card the boot, and give your personal brand a (brand) new look with MOO.

4. Get your Fix On. Nope, not talking about illegal substances, but a dose of CPR for your closet. Head over to and you’ll be able to customize a new look for you.  Stitch Fix is great for guys too! Sign your husband up!  I even signed up my dad - he’s the sharpest dressed 91 year old I’ve met! The process is easy- you pay a nominal styling fee of $20, and tell your stylist what you’re looking for. For example, let’s say you want to get clothes for an upcoming beach vacation. Just send a note to your stylist... “I need new flip-flops, some shorts, a cute sun dress.”  The stylist will use your request to put together your “fix.” This fix consists of five items picked based on the sizes, colors, and style preferences that you’ve indicated in a style profile.  You decide how often you want to get a “fix” sent to you... there are no rules or regs on how often (or not often) and you can cancel this service anytime.  When the package comes, you try on your items and keep what you want, send back (within three days) what you don’t.  If you do decide to keep at least one item, you get your $20 styling fee refunded.  If you keep all five items, you get a special discount on the order. It’s a great deal! 

5. The OTA google.  For #5, I wanted to discover something new and share it with you... so, being a shoe-a-holic, I googled “underrated online sources for shoes.”  Running Warehouse, where have you been all my life? Thinking I’d be writing about the coolest place to find UGG boots for a bargain, I was immediately drawn to a new site for running gear. And, hot-dang, glad I checked it out.  First, the prices... are amazing.  I found my stand-by, the Brooks Adrenaline, for $30 less than I normally pay (at another discounted site).  Plus, they feature apparel that’s both fashionable and affordable, made for running and cross training. The best part of the site is that each product (even the apparel) has a nice description that tells you exactly how the product fits, wears, or performs - a great way to be sure you know what you’re buying. PLUS... they offer free two-day shipping and return shipping! You can’t go wrong! 

6. Support my pal.  My friend Kim has the most incredible personal style - both clothing-wise and for her home. This is why I knew she hit the jackpot when she announced a few years ago that she and her husband were starting a hand crafted artisan leather company.  I knew the products would be amazing.  The craftsmanship, styling, and beautiful leather of each hand-made piece is absolutely stunning.  Check out their many unique offerings- sleigh bells, dog collars, Mac sleeves, and of course hand bags and satchels at Wolf River Leather.  Read their story too! 

What are your favorite online haunts? Leave a comment with where you spend your cyber dollars and minutes. :) 

Happy shopping, friends!



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