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ONE PART PLANT: You know that friend you had in high school who knew everyone, ate super healthy, and always had a pulse on what was cool? Yet you didn't hate her, you just wanted to be the one sitting next to her because you knew she'd always entertain you with her stories and make you laugh? That friend is One Part Plant host Jessica Murnane. After years of suffering from endometriosis, Jessica discovered that plant based eating was the ticket to major relief.  After this revelation, she wanted to help others (those with and without endo) feel better too-  thus, her platform, One Part Plant, was born.  On her podcast and website, Jessica promotes a plant based diet.  But, it's not in an annoying, you must be strict and never stray kind of thing.  She presents it like, "Hey, why not start by switching to one- plan based meal per day?" When you listen to her podcast and then read her cookbook, believe me, you'll want to take the plant based movement even further. Find out how cool plants can be, and hear from amazing guests who are doing really cool things on this great podcast, One Part Plant

HEALERS: Are you in need of healing?  Healers host and self-help obsessed writer Elizabeth Dehn thinks we all are in need of a bit of healing in one form or the other. She created her podcast Healers to help people heal- whether someone has a broken heart, a health problem, or is interested in topics that the great beyond can help us with.  Healers has something for everyone, and you'll love the interesting guests - from psychics to dream interpreters to nutrition experts to fertility experts.  Healers will get you thinking about the world we live in, and how there's so much more to it than meets the eye.

EPOP: Love to travel? Are you thinking of how great it would be to travel... maybe for an extended period of time, while working remotely? Then put in your ear buds and give this pod a listen.  Husband and wife time Travis and Heather Sherry host this totally chill yet incredibly informative podcast about all of the spots they've traveled.  You'll get insider tips on both popular spots and spots you've never heard of. Plus, they feature interesting guests who give info on everything from couch surfing to living the location indie lifestyle. 

HerMoney with Jean Chatzky: Listening to HerMoney is like getting financial advice from a BFF. Jean Chatzky delivers solid financial information in a no-nonsense yet fun and friendly way.  From saving for retirement to making a bold financial move like leaving a job to getting out of debt, HerMoney combines Jean’s expertise with great guests doing amazing things with their finances.  Listening to HerMoney is empowering no matter what your financial situation. 

BEING BOSS: One of my future goals is to grow my side hustle and eventually have a legit full time writing business.  Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, hosts of the Being Boss podcast, make me feel like this could actually happen.  Every Tuesday morning, they bring it on with their podcast, Being Boss.  As they say, "Being Boss in work and life, is being in it.  It's being who we are, doing the work, breaking some rules, and even though each of us have to do it on our own- knowing we're in it together."  This podcast is aimed at creatives who either are, or looking to be, entrepreneurs in one form or another.  Give these gals a listen- I promise you'll get a dose of real advice to take it to the next level. 

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