The Pod Squad Talks Wellness

One of my favorite topics to investigate is wellness. Funny thing, it’s a hot topic in Podland too - there are oodles and oodles of podcasts about every angle of wellness you can imagine. So, how do you decide which to choose? You listen to the ones on my list, that’s how. Kidding, but give these a try. You just may find something you like. In case none of these float your boat, I’ll give you a hot tip at the end of this post about how to find the perfect wellness podcast for you.

For now, consider these podcasts for overall wellness info:

  1. The Mind Body Green Podcast- Let me start by saying please check out this pod’s website, a wellness wonderland with the invitation, “All are welcome on the road to wellness. Dive in!” There is so much great info here. As for the podcast, you’ll find an ARRAY (all caps array) of topics from plant based eating to brain health to mindfulness to hormones. There’s something for everyone here, and the hosts and guests really know their stuff.

  2. Healthier Together - It’s significant that I’m writing about this podcast after #1 as the host, Liz Moody, used to write for Mind Body Green. On this podcast, Liz dishes about wellness, something she’s very familiar with as a best selling cookbook author and wellness blogger. On this pod, Liz talks with authors, TV stars, chefs, skincare experts, and leaders in the wellness world. You’ll love Liz’s friendly, fun vibe and her real take on wellness. (Hint, this girl loves cookies, so it’s not like this podcast is all about restrictions… it’s about making the things we love healthier.)

  3. Feel Good Podcast with Kimberly Snyder - Kimberly Snyder’s Feel Good Podcast gives lots of great nutrition info and tips on how to not only feel your best, but look your best. Her “Glowing Green Smoothie” is one of her pillars, promising it will be an amazing addition to your daily routine. She also wrote a best selling book with Deepak Chopra and has a supplement line and new book built around the line and total wellness. You’ll love her upbeat approach to living healthy.

  4. Speaking of feeling good, you can also try The Feel Good Effect hosted by Robyn Conley Downs. This pod offers a friendly, gentle look at wellness and how you can incorporate it into your life. It’s really all about feeling good, as seen on Robyn’s website, a wonderful resource dedicated to “real food, whole life” and featuring a plethora of “feel good” resources. So give this pod a try for what Robyn calls, “simplified wellness, straight to your earbuds.”

  5. The Thrive Global Podcast - Hosted by Ariana Huffington, this podcast dives deeply into well-being and touts itself as “A place to be inspired, informed, and recharged.” Ariana is all about preventing burnout and promoting balance in our lives. She interviews celebrities, athletes, experts, and influencers to see they find balance in their lives, and in turn encourage us to adopt those new strategies and ideas. Really a great spot to learn new tips and enhance the way you live your life. Be sure to check out the Thrive Global Website too, for more info about changing your life for the better.

These are just SOME of the many, many podcasts that will help you live healthier, happier lives. What’s on your list? Any suggestions? Leave yours in the comments!

*Hot Tip: As I looked at the podcasts I currently subscribe to that are wellness oriented, I realized that many of my “non-wellness” podcasts have elements of wellness embedded in them. So, if you have a specific wellness topic that interests you (plant based eating, cutting out dairy, stress reduction) first try a general search with that topic and see what podcasts turn up.

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