The Pod Squad Drives to Work

While I love the days I work from home, I honestly don’t mind the other days when I need to hit the road. I am well entertained on my ride, listening to my podcasts. Sometimes I’m all business, others I’m looking for health or travel tips. Other days, I want to know how to be more productive. Thankfully, I’ve got my playlist loaded up with a huge variety of podcasts of all genres. Today I’m going to dish on five completely unrelated podcasts that are 100% “commute worthy.”

  1. In the Chair with Justin Anderson. Justin is an LA based hair dresser with a huge list of celebrity clients, including Jennifer Anniston. This is significant because I’ve asked my hairperson to do my hair like Jennifer Anniston for about the past ten years (slight problem, my hair doesn’t grow past my shoulders). But I try. At any rate, the format of Justin’s show is genius - he interviews celebrities while they’re in his chair, getting their hair foiled and done. Because we all know that when you’re in the chair, true confessions and life stories happen. Sure enough, total free flowing convos happen, sparked by Justin, who is so damn funny and friendly that you just wish you could be in his chair too.

  2. A Few Things with Claire and Erica. These two bff’s host the podcast and also produce a weekly newsletter by the same name. They talk about cool new products and trends and also interview interesting people - like authors, a Nike run coach, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. As you listen, you actually feel like you’re their bff too, or you’re just listening in on their convo. Very fun, very informative, very New York. These gals have a pulse on what’s happening.

  3. the News Worthy. Speaking of what’s happening in the world, I’m usually pretty clueless, living in my podcast bubble and all. Never fear, there’s a podcast for people like me. “Fast, fair, and fun” is host Erica Mandy’s approach to delivering the news Monday-Friday. The ten minute newscasts cover everything from politics to tech to entertainment and anything else that’s buzzing. Erica’s goal is that everyone to have fun while getting informed.

  4. Office Ladies. Remember Pam and Angela from The Office? They’re back, in podcast form. Well, not really, but real life Pam and Angela (Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey) will be back for this podcast, which breaks down episodes of the office, telling what happened before, during, and after they were shot. If you’ve binged yourself silly on The Office but still want more, this may be the pod for you. Office Ladies will premiere mid-October (2019).

  5. The Chalene Show. Wikipedia (nothing but the best for my sources, folks) calls Chalene “an American Fitness Entrepeneur.” I call her “the motivating podcast host who I want to drink wine with.” Chalene is upbeat, energetic, and full of tips on how to lead a productive, healthy life. Whenever I want to regain motivation or get back on course, I play The Chalene Show.

While these podcasts can’t promise to ensure your workday is a breeze, they are a nice little escape before your 9-5 (or 7-3, 7-7, etc.). Happy listening, friends!

abbey algiersComment