The Pod Squad Gets Down to Business

Right now I’m in a bit of a transitional career mode… I’m going to be working 50% as a teacher and 50% (or more) as a freelance writer. I’m trying to figure out exactly what the latter means and am looking for new projects. As I do this, I’ve been asking myself… what DO you want to do and write about? While I do have a core base for my writing jobs - LPGA Women’s Network& Girls Golf, ESL articles, travel and wellness - I have two gigs I’d love to try, but are a little out there. One is to name nail polish colors. (Shoutout to Esse & OPI - let’s talk) My other fantasy job is to become a Podcast Doctor. Meaning - tell me what’s troubling you, and I’ll recommend a podcast.

To help my cause in becoming the next (and maybe first) Podcast Doctor, I’m officially starting the POD SQUAD. Come back here often to learn about podcasts I love and those recommended by squad members. (Tip, you can be part of the squad, just drop me a line with your pod recs!)

This week, let’s get down to business (pun) with Business Podcasts:

If you’re interested in entrepreneurs, quitting your job, changing careers, or jumping ship… you’re going to want to give these podcasts a try.

  1. Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael I love this podcast for so many reasons. One, I love the hosts. Alli & Michael are a brother/sister team who together founded the multi-million dollar business DryBar. While they are DryBar business partners (and work well together in this role), they are also siblings (also great at this role). This translates to hilarious and realistic sibling squabbles on air. The vibe they create is professional, yet relaxed and definitely fun. I promise you’ll laugh a lot during each episode as they share personal stories and interview inspiring guests with successful stories as well.

  2. The Kate & Mike Show Speaking of duos, this husband/wife team talks about their business, their life, and offers great advice on how to “do less to get more done” in business and in life. Their “tell it like it is” style is easy to listen to, and their advice hits home on many levels.

  3. Whiskey & Work One thing I love about podcasts is the fact that I get to “know” the hosts and feel like they’re a friend sitting across the table from me. Host Kelsey Murphy is that friend in this podcast, offering practical advice for anyone who’s wondering… “What do I do now?” “What’s my passion?” “Should I quit my job?” Needless to say, this podcast hits home with me big time. I love it… even though I don’t like whiskey.

  4. You Turns… Because Shift Happens Two friends, Lisa Oz (as in Dr. Oz’s wife) and Jill Herzig, host this podcast that tells stories of people who’ve made shifts in their life, whether by choice or chance, and shows how they came up on the other side. After listening, I think about my own life and where and when I can take you turns to bring on change. Very inspiring and again, listening to these two gals is like having a glass of wine with friends.

  5. Don’t Keep Your Day Job Cathy Heller is the host and has a great personal story. She’s a singer/songwriter who followed a non-traditional path to success - she writes music for TV shows. On this podcast, she encourages others to look at their own dreams and consider out-of-the-box ways to achieve them. She’s practical, inspiring, and very motivating. The guests come from all walks of life offering great stories of their own. You’ll feel inspired to pursue your dreams (even by just taking small steps) after each episode.

Do you have any business or career podcasts to add to the list? Add them to the comments or message me!

Next up… podcasts for wellness. Stay tuned!

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