Five Ways to Get Through Winter

by Abbey Algiers

I’ve probably said, “I can’t deal with the cold. I can’t deal with the cold. I can’t deal with the cold” about six million times… every morning, since this past November.  And this is the PG part of what I say when I walk the 12 feet from my house to my car each morning.  I. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Cold.  In fact, I hate it in a way that requires an expletive to be inserted right before the word Cold. I’m keeping this clean, so figure it out for yourselves.

With my extreme aversion to winter, I’ve created all sorts of fantasy gadgets that could help me cope.  One, a floating heat lamp that follows me wherever I go.  The ability to stand under the hot shower for 8 hours at a time and have a job that allows me to telecommute with a waterproof keyboard and hot stream of water.  A heated spacesuit that is not only fashionable but doesn’t let one bit of cold air inside.  

Since none of these options are really all that feasible, I’ve come up with some other solutions to help me get through this highly challenging time.  Note that most can be enjoyed with a nice glass of Shiraz (sometimes after said event), hot tea, or hot cocoa… whatever you find most soothing. We need to do what it takes.




1.     CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET.  Now, this isn’t as dismal as you think. Cleaning your closet makes you productive, thereby releasing good endorphins. Plus, you’re moving around, which also makes you feel better.  This is your chance to finally get rid of that sweater you hate because it makes you feel fat, the blouse that was a bargain that you never wore, and all of those other clothes that sit in your closet untouched.  Get.Rid.Of.That.Crap.  Clear out anything (overused saying alert) that “doesn’t bring you joy” and be done with it.  When you’re done, you’ll have an organized closet that will be pleasant to look in each morning when you have to hit the icy streets.

2.     CLOSETS CLEANED OUT AND NOTHING TO WEAR? No tears for you, my friend. Because suggestion #2 is SHOP THE HELL OUT OF THE INTERNET.  Yes, you read it right. The World Wide Web is your oyster, and you don’t have to deal with a flake of snow or icy windshield to bring joy to your wardrobe.  Plus, at press time, winter sales are nicely underway.  If you haven’t done so already, Amazon Prime is a groovy way to get literally anything your heart desires and then some.  Not sure what you want? How about getting an online stylist to whip up a winter care package for you that you can try on (and return if you like).  New outfits delivered to you? Come on, you need to try Stitchfix.  Not into that? Well, simply go to the online version of your favorite store and check out something they have on sale.

3.     ONLINE SHOPPING TOO CONFINING? I get it.  Part of the drag of winter is that it tends to make one feel cooped up and just plain NUTZ (with a z).  So go to a mall. Or visit that cool boutique in your neighborhood. Discover some little coffee shop, restaurant, or bar you’ve never heard of, and park yourself and your laptop or journal there for a few hours.  Visit the museum in your city.  Just get the hell out of the house already. Do something you’ve never done- your brain and your psyche will thank you.

4.     WHILE YOU’RE OUT…why not pop in a HOT YOGA CLASS? Yeah, I know, I try to work in “why not try hot yoga” pretty much every conversation I can.  But this time it’s appropriate. When it’s 10 degrees outside and you’ve got New Year’s wellness on your mind, could there be a better time to head inside for a 95 degree Vinyasa or 104 degree Bikram class? I think not.  Just give it a shot.  Worst case scenario you say “screw it” midway through, lay on your mat, and have yourself a nice little savasana for a good hour or so.

5.     OKAY, YOGA’S NOT YOUR THING, I GET IT… that’s cool. But I’m sure you’ve got a thing- something you like to do to shake your booty.  Maybe you’re brave and like things like skiing, snowboarding, winter running, etc. – remember that #3 can help you get all geared up to do your thing in style.  And if you don’t have a “thing” that you love, why not try something new, like a trip to one of the new “boutique gyms” that are popping up around the world.  Here’s a look at some super elite gyms, but your city will no doubt offer something that’s just right for you.  Give “boutique gyms” a Google and see what you find.


These five not doing it for you? Alright then, hold on for the next installment, “Five More Ideas for Dealing with the Winter Blues.”  Whatever the case, just hang tight my friends.  This winter can’t last forever!