Lisa Martin is an Agenda Worthy Woman with a GREAT attitude on life & wellness!

Lisa Martin is an Agenda Worthy Woman with a GREAT attitude on life & wellness!

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For our next Agenda Worthy Woman, we are talking ENERGY. As in... positive energy and someone who just has a lot of energy in general, thanks to the healthy life she leads.  Meet Lisa Martin... studio owner, runner, mom, wife, and all around great gal! 

Name: Lisa Martin

Hometown: Glendale, WI

Current Home: Glendale, WI


How did you begin your career in the fitness and wellness industry? 

I've been a studio owner from the start of my career. After graduating with a kinesiology and business degree from UWM, I bought a fitness franchise. This was a great learning experience that taught me what being a business owner was all about. During this time I met many fabulous, hard working and determined clients. Many who are still kicking butt and reaching goals with me today. 

Tell us a bit about how and why you came to own your own studio.

After selling my franchise to stay home with my two babies, I decided to focus on private in home personal training. Over the course of 7 years, I built my business to the point where I was booked. I wanted to offer more to my clients and make fitness affordable. So I decided that it was time to open my own fitness studio. In 2016, my dream became a reality and we opened Solful Fitness studio in Brown Deer. Having a Solful Fitness studio allows me to offer group classes with a personal training focus and not at the personal training priced point. I was also able to offer my clients more classes that I was not teaching like different types of Yoga, indoor cycling, pilates, Zumba and more. All of our Solful classes offer a variety of fitness levels because we want to make sure that everyone gets the best workout possible and leave our studio feeling empowered. I didn't just open a fitness studio, but a fitness community that I call family. 


What does a day in the life of a small business owner look like?

I start every day with my own morning workout...usually a run. I think it's so important to practice what you preach and to find time to do what makes you happy. Once I get my workout in then I'm ready to face my day. I still do personal training in addition to teaching classes and balance that with being a mom of two boys and spending time with my family so my days are packed solid. Some days I think it's crazy and I'm not actually sure how I'm going to get it all done but I always seem to find a way and I wouldn't change a thing. 

You’re quite an accomplished runner. How did you get into running and what have been some highlights?

I love running! It's my time to focus on me, to clear my mind and regain my focus. I started running after my boys were born. I have always liked to challenge myself and running was a challenge for me. I started with a mile and then decide to train for a 5k race. After many of those I decided to up the challenge of 10k and half marathons. One day I got the idea that I should run ONE marathon just to say that I did it. As I was crossing the finish line of the Lake Front Marathon a man total me that I qualified. I thought qualified for what? Turns out I qualified for the Boston Marathon! In 2013 and 2014 I ran the Boston Marathon which have been the highlight of my running career to this point. 

In addition to your fitness lifestyle, do you follow any specific eating philosophy? 

When it comes to diet, I believe in balance and finding what works for your body. 

Advice to Younger Self?

Advice to my younger self would be to be kind to yourself. You don't have to be perfect, and take time to live in the moment. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, it would be...

If I could live anywhere it would be somewhere with a beach and warm weather. 

Favorite Quote:

If you talk to my fitness family they will tell you that I'm full of "Lisaisms." I'm known to say things like - Easy Peasy, What doesn't challenge you doesn't change you, and Give me 100% of whatever you can do today. 

Who would you say is an Agenda Worthy Woman in your life?

I have two Agenda Worthy Women in my life. My mom, Jennifer Jambor Raninen, co-owner of Modus Design  and Mary Coultor, owner of Northshore Preschool. 


Learn more about Lisa's studio,  Solfulfitness.

Learn more about Lisa's studio, Solfulfitness.