New Feature! Agenda Worthy Women

Coming soon! A brand new page on OTA and a new feature, celebrating all the amazing women in our lives.  See below for details, and watch for the premiere AWW next weekend (5/13).


Agenda Worthy Women - AWW

Confession alert. I may have a small addiction to Instagram. And sometimes Facebook. I also have a bunch of You-tubers I like to follow. Nothing major - I just like checking out new trends and pretty things. I also like to get a glimpse of different jobs and travel destinations. I’ve got some favorite Instagrammers I follow - cool gals who seem to have it all together. They’ve got a great look, beautiful blog and perhaps a really great podcast too, and somehow seem to keep their lives in balance all while posting beautiful pics twice daily. Super women, if you will. 

Based on the number of hearts and likes on these posts, I see I’m not alone in my little social media obsession. And while spending all this time online isn’t the biggest crime in the world, I do see a couple of problems with our obsession with this “other world” where sparkling clean kitchens, picture-perfect dinners, clean children eating chocolate ice cream, and other fairy tales live.  

For one, social media can be a time suck not always based in reality. I mean, I’ve posted pics on Instagram. I know how long it takes to take (and edit) the perfect selfie or shot. Real life doesn’t look pretty on the first take. 

But the bigger problem is, with all of our attention focused on following Instagram, FB, and internet pals, we tend to miss out on amazing women who are right in front of our faces.  

The truth is, we’re surrounded by remarkable women who do all sorts of unbelievable things... IRL. Yes, they do these things IN REAL LIFE (remember that?), not for posting purposes, but because it’s what they do.  (#novelconcept)

And here’s the thing - we (actually) know these women! They’re everywhere! 

From the divorced mom of 5 who went through hell and back all in the name of protecting her kids, to the woman who works a 9-5, then goes home to take care of her bedridden husband, and oh... when she’s not doing that, babysits for her two grandchildren.  Or there’s the woman who took a big risk and ditched her traditional job to give her own company a go. Let’s look at the woman who is paying for her mom to be in a nursing home. Or the single mom who doesn’t doing anything super-heroic except, well... raise her kids, work 40plus hours, maintain a household, and basically keep everyone in her family on track. 

There are so many strong women amongst us. 

The bottom line is, as women, we are all pretty damn impressive. In attempt to find and celebrate these women (and all women, really), a new feature was created... Agenda Worthy Women.

Real women. Real stories. Real interviews that allow for shout outs where shout outs are due. 

Real inspiration. 

I hope the stories of these Agenda Worthy Women will inspire you to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. And, I hope the interviews make you look at the women in your lives and see them for all of their awesomeness.

Join me as we dive into the lives of some a-mazing Agenda Worthy Women...

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