Today Plus 365

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As adults we know all about the fact about life, with the most known fact being that life is not always fair. This realization usually hits us early and gets progressively worse.  If we're lucky, the lessons on life are typical and not too terribly destructive -  we suffer blows in the form of challenges with friends, general growing pains as our bodies change, first loves crushing us (as well as second, third, and fourth loves), school work getting progressively harder, and the realization of life and loss hitting us in normal ways. (i.e. We lose pets not parents or friends.)  

As adults, the disappointments hit at different times in our lives. They range from job crises to divorce to death to disease to a million other really bad things. Unfortunately, some of us have seen more disappointments than others.

We wonder if the Universe has a personal vendetta against us.  

An unfortunate truth exists: sometimes life really sucks 

I was reminded of this when I was listening to a podcast where the guest, a well known public figure, was telling of her very messy divorce.  It's one thing to get divorced. But make it messy, and make it not just your business, but part of the public gossip mill, and one tends to feel especially screwed and vulnerable.   This woman was an on-air TV personality and the news of her divorce broke probably at the same time all of her viewers were watching her on TV. Imagine the fun she had reporting the news when she knew her entire audience was about to be all over her business.

To make matters worse, on Wednesday of that week, this woman had to attend a social event. Again she knew all eyes would be on her.  Much to her dismay, when she arrived, she spotted a well known business man she happened to loathe approach her.  He was one of those people she  wanted nothing to do with ever, especially on that particular night.  

However, the man surprised her.  He walked up to her and pulled her aside. Her first instinct was to bolt, feign illness (maybe even a heart attack) or excuse herself so she wouldn't have to talk to him. However, he quickly leaned in to whisper to her. 

"I know this is tough right now.  But I have something to tell you that might make you feel better." 

Suspicious but intrigued she replied, "What is it? Tell me."

He leaned in again and simply said, "Everything is horrible today. You know that.  But don't focus on today.  Focus on today plus 365 when, you'll be in a much different, better place. Today plus 365."

This man, someone she barely knew (and didn't like one bit), had delivered a bit of news that changed her attitude and outlook from that moment on. It became the fuel to get her through those times in life that were unbelievably hard.

We can do the same thing…  when life kicks us in the butt.

No matter what we're going through, we must remember that the terrible moment, (or moments, or days and months on end for that matter)… won't last forever.  There is always the hope of a brighter day in the future.  

Today plus 365

Put that in your bag of tricks, and use as necessary.