What Did You WANT it to Say?

So, my friend and I were running the other day, and she was telling me about a motivational speaker she was listening to on a sales call. Bottom line, the speaker had proposed a deal with a potential client… you either want to work with me, or you don't. I don't care either way, so why don't you just toss a coin and see what message you get.  The potential client, really not knowing what she was "supposed to" do, agreed, and flipped a coin in the air, caught it, and then covered it with her hand.   The speaker immediately turned to the woman and said, "Stop. Don't look at the coin. Just tell me… what did you want it to say?" 

What did you want it to say?  

The motivational speaker had a great point.  Her potential client didn't need the help of a coin toss, because she held something that we all have inside us… our own intuitive voices.  

Yes, my friends… think about your lives, present or past.  When you were faced with major decisions, didn't you always know what the right decision was?  And when you were making the wrong decision, didn't you know that too???

I think back on my own life, and to the major whiffs that in hindsight were definitely destined for doom, and I realize that even as I made those decisions, I knew.  It's like something was telling me, "Well, okay smarty pants, you think you're hot stuff now. But just remember this moment, because someday you're going to look back on it with a little bit of regret…" 

And I did and I didn't.  Because here's the deal.  All of the decisions I've made were those I consciously decided on.  It's the combination of making good decisions and bad that have taught me to recognize and listen to my voice… so that in the future, I can use my inner guidance for happier results.

And here's the deal.  We all have access to this power and this information. Life does not have to be as hard as we sometimes make it.  Life can sometimes seem as random as flipping a coin, but next time we find ourselves int he situation where a coin toss seems like the only answer, I ask you to do one thing. 

Go inside. Reflect. Ask that inner voice what the best outcome will be.  

And listen to the answer you get.  That voice is smarter than you think.

But if you still have doubts, go ahead and flip that coin.  Maybe flip it again, or three times… do it until you get the answer that you want to hear. Because what we don't always realize is that in the end, we... control the coin toss.