What to do when you feel as frozen as the ice bank in front of your house

So, it’s almost March of 2019. That means we’ve had two solid months of the New Year, and if we’re following those resolutions we set in early January, we should be feeling very accomplished. Right?


And if you do feel accomplished, then that’s awesome for you. I’m really happy for you, and don’t hate you at all.

Again, right.

But, if you’re like me, the winter may have done something to your brain, and right now… you can’t even remember #whatthehell you said your 2019 resolutions were. (kiddingnotkidding)

Furthermore, if you’re like me, you might also #notreallycare about your resolutions, but rather be wondering #justhowthehell you’re going to survive these last weeks (please, make it weeks not months) of winter.

Therefore, I put together a little list to get you through the winter doldrums (because #SweetJesus I’m right there with you) and renew your sense of self and spirit to move forward to spring. I’m not even going to sugar coat this list and give it some pretty “Top Five Ways to Regain your Motivation This February” (#topfivethis) or “How to Put Your Best Foot Forward for Spring” (#nope).

Instead, how about…

How to Stop Feeling Like Crap this Winter and Motivate Yourself for Spring…

(A little wordy, but it’s what we’re all thinking, no?)

  1. Open your closet and BE HONEST. What do you love? What do you hate? Don't even talk to me about what brings you joy. Who says that on the daily, anyway? How about this? Ditch the clothes that make you feel fat, ugly, out of date, or remind you of a #badinterview, #horribledate, or #oldboyfriend. You know the clothes I’m talking about. The next steps are simple - take those items off their hangers, and put them in a bag to donate or sell. (#andthenmoveonlaready) Same goes for all the dumb shoes that make your tootsies feel like they are part of a foot binding experiment. Congratulations, you’ve now cleaned your closet and shed some winter weight, thereby opening up space for spring.

  2. Now hit your linen closet/medicine cabinet/cosmetic bag. First, anything old and crusty gets the boot. (#duh) This means that lotion you bought for #alottamoney and any disgusting lipstick color that may or may not resemble what you wore in 1989 (#damnyouIceBluePink) should be #pitched. Same goes with those towels that have followed you from college to your first apartment to present day. (I promise, nothing will happen if you make them rags, or even disposeofthem.) This is not rocket science, people. Pitch, tidy, organize…everything. Then you can pretend you are living in an Instagram post every time you reach for a towel in the am. (#atleastforadayortwo)

  3. Next, consider how often you’ve been moving, and then promise yourself you’ll move even more. Because I bet this winter has sidelined you a bit. I mean, how can that not be true if you’ve gone through a Polar Vortex (or two), numerous blizzards, an ice storm, and then just regular FMAO type winter conditions? I understand the effects of this winter because although I am an exercise freak, this icysnowybittercoldfreakingwinter has made me not even want to go to HOT YOGA. And it’s 95 degrees in there, folks. But, I somehow manage to drag myself there. Or run. Or workout. Walking is great too, and surprisingly not as cold as it seems as long as you’re #dressedforit. No matter what, I always feel better when I #justdoit and get my arse into some sort of class. Hot Yoga, Orange Theory, the gym, my basement, the streets for a run. It takes an extra bit of motivation, but I promise, if you move (whatever way you choose), you will feel so much better.

  4. Now, take a look in your fridge and your kitchen cabinets. Are you scared of what you see? (Or don’t see?) Please stop worrying about what you may have consumed and how it’s not in line with your grand plans for 2019. Think about what you want to see in your cabinets and fridge. You know, those yumtacular eats that you noticed on Instagram, podcasts, the Today Show, and in your coworkers’ lunches at work. Get some of those things going in your diet to replace the winter comfort food you’ve been consuming, which I #get.

  5. Remember that to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have to #startwalkingoutofthetunnel. What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about making plans for this coming weekend. Or this April. Or summer. Google your way to happiness by investigating things you can do in your town, your state, or across the world. If you can’t go anywhere, see what you can do online - whether it’s taking a course with your favorite podcaster, creating something on your computer, or checking out new Youtubers. I don’t care what it is, just look into something new… something that is not winter.

    If you’re lucky enough to be reading this from a place with no frozen tundra, then replace every mention I’ve made of winter with #yourversionofwinter - i.e. whatever has you frozen, discouraged, and hoping for brighter days. Things will warm up friends, I promise you…. or you can #comefindme.