Clean in 2016

We're a few weeks into the New Year. Remember those resolutions made on January 1? Yeah, me too. I had a few resolutions that I was absolutely going to stick to.  My "no sugar in 2016" lasted until 10:00 a.m. on January 1 when the chocolate covered pretzels won. Similarly, I haven't exactly been getting up to write each day as I planned. (As is obvious by this post 12 days into the New Year.)

Yet, I'm still kind of in the spirit of making 2016 a great one. I want to do things better, feel better, and just generally be happier in 2016.  In light of these desires,  I've decided to focus on "Keeping it Clean in 2016." And, while I may not be good at resolution making, I am good at making lists. 

Keeping it Clean… The List

1. Clean connections.  I'm not talking about getting a faster internet connection or upgrading my phone plan. Quite the opposite. I'm talking about connecting with the people who are in front of me when they are in front of me.  In real time. This means ditching my phone in the presence of others. Instead of Instagramming, I am Instaconnecting. Clean connections = clean relationships. 

2. Clean Fridge. Perhaps the most obvious healthy eating solution is found in the fact that if it's not in your house, you won't eat it.  "Clean fridge" to me represents putting healthy things in my fridge (and cupboards).  The clean fridge concept also translates to decisions about food when at restaurants and other places.  Fill your fridge and your body with clean food.  It's not rocket science, right? Clean fridge = clean body.

3. Clean Closets. I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Can you say spot on? The book made me rethink not only the things I was hanging onto that I no longer used/needed, but also helped me streamline and organize the things in my house and my life.  I'm still working on this one…my quest for clean closets & drawers will continue throughout 2016. Clean closets = clean mental attitude and peace of mind.

4. Clean Computer.  I feel like I should take this one to a support group.  My name is Abbey, and I have a lot of emails on my computer. No, not just " a lot" but almost computer crashing "a lot."  Like we are talking in the thousands. 16,076 to be exact at press time and I'm pretty sure this isn't even accurate, as I also have a bunch of email addresses out there.  My email situation is very disturbing to me, as I'm sure it's blocking my flow and preventing me from being my most creative self. That said, I'm cleaning up my Mac in 2016. Clean computer = clean mind (and hard drive). 

5. Clean Agenda. Like everyone else, I have a million things that I could put on my to-do list. But what are the things that count?  Who are the people that matter most?  In 2016, I'm going to do my best to stick to the items that are truly agenda-worthy and in line with the people I want to spend time with, and the life and career goals I want to focus on. The other stuff, not so much. Clean Agenda = clean future outlook.

Now, I know I will slip up throughout the year.  But, I'd like to believe that by making attempts to have a clean, strong foundation in the areas mentioned above, I have a shot at really making progress this year.  Give it a try!  What areas of your life do you want to clean up?