The Very First Agenda

One day in 4th grade, my teacher walked into my classroom with a very serious look on her face. We all wondered if we were in trouble, or if perhaps someone had died. She then took a deep breath, and told us we were going to be given some very important information. We needed to be on our best behavior.

She instructed the girls to go to one room and boys to another. We were all very confused until we were seated in our respective classrooms. Then, the lights went out. A TV cart with a huge VHS player was wheeled in (this was the 80’s, bear with me), and just as soon as the teacher pressed the clunky "play" button, cheesy music introduced the mysterious feature film… “Naturally a Girl.”  A gasp was audibly heard.  Someone giggled.  Yet most of us were silent, with our eyes glued to the screen. We were equally horrified and curious as the narrator explained what it meant to be a girl.

We listened to the “great and miraculous changes” we were about to go through.  Did I mention we were all horrified? We left the room quietly and red-faced, and went back to our classroom where we joined the boys. No one spoke of what was seen as we left, but we knew something had changed.  Part of the mysterious road to womanhood had been officially unveiled to us, and all we knew was that we had a lot to talk about at our next slumber party. 

A silent sisterhood had been born.

Yes, that movie taught us the facts of life. We learned all about our bodies, or about as much as we were allowed to know in the fourth grade classroom of a Catholic school.

However, the movie didn’t reveal the secrets of adult life, those secrets that no video can do any justice. 

1.     Life is hard.  There will be good times and bad, and you never really know when life will shift from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Learn this early, and find a support system to get you through.

2.     The support system looks a lot like that 4th grade movie audience.  The support system is called “Your Girls.” Find girls you can trust early and nurture those friendships. It is those friendships that will get you through it all- as in the good, bad, and ugly of this thing called life.

On the Agenda ("OTA") is the blog & podcast version of the sisterhood established back in 4th grade.  It’s a place where you can find your girls.  A place to hear about the things we all face, or will face.  We’ll talk about love, work, relationships, finances, health, family, and yes... we’ll even go back to what they taught us in 4th grade and discuss what the hell is happening to our bodies as we get older.  

Nothing is off limits when it’s on the agenda. So, join us on this blog. Listen to the podcast.  Tell us what's on your agenda.