Website content

Want to punch up your website and give it a bit more zing? Looking for a way to deliver lots of info in a concise yet thorough way? I’d love to take a look! I offer a variety of content writing services, from complete site creation to editing existing material to a mix of both. 

Social media

Facebook or Instagram? Or Snapchat? Or? There are so many options when it comes to getting your message out on social media. Let’s discuss strategy, and let’s come up with material to match your personality and brand image. 

Proofreading, tweeking, ESL/tutoring...

Do you need help with your resumé or cover letter? Got an important email you need to send out, but not happy with the way it’s coming out on your keyboard? Do you just need a second set of eyes, and someone to polish an important report, article, or letter? Send it my way. 

Is English your second language (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th!)? I also offer ESL writing support and tutoring services for everything from online lessons to writing help. Let’s chat! 

Want to check out some of my work? My writing can be found on the LPGA Girls Golf Blog and LPGA Women’s Network. I’ve written for Runner’s World Online,  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as well many posts on my past and present websites.